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April 16, 2014

November 14, 2007

Plenty of Time to Get Excited About Mobile

The prospect of seeing which of two giants, one who knows a lot about mobile and one who knows a lot about online, gets the bigger slice of a mobile advertising market billed to become bigger than online is already making for high drama, even though the market they are fighting for has only just begun.

For advertisers however, the real interest is not in whether Nokia can trip the Google juggernaut on the mobile company’s home turf, but whether they will end up spending the sort of money on mobile advertising that the likes of Nokia and Google expect they will.

The argument for is that the doubts people are having about mobile is just the sort of apprehension they experienced about online – and look what’s happening to that. A major obstacle to mobile advertising, the whacking great bills people get whenever they use their phones to venture online, is already being dismantled in markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where the recent introduction of flat fees for unlimited monthly access should get mobile owners spending a lot more time exploring the web.

Interest from brands, always on the look out for fresh ways to communicate, will inexorably follow.

Lessons learned about online marketing, on engaging with rather than intruding upon people they want to win over for example, should in theory make the learning curve for mobile marketing a lot smoother. One formative experience that seems to have left its mark, however, is not to get too excited, too soon. Not even the most enthusiastic cheerleader for mobile in Asia is anticipating a dramatic upsurge in mobile advertising for a few years yet. Looks like that drama starring Nokia and Google is set to run and run.


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